The info

The where why and how of it all 

Simply put: Weddings float my boat.

A day where everyone gets together to watch 2 people announce to the world that they are committed to each other for the rest of their lives?! Bloody marvelous if you ask me. Then you have the dancing, the food, the drink, the laughter and (happy) tears; it just rocks.

My strengths lie in capturing the day as I see it through my eyes and showcasing your personality through my photos. I adore golden light and I am tough enough to take on the rain. Never under estimate a decent portrait; I will take around 30 minutes to take you both away where you can have some alone time with me in the background. I just let it happen naturally, no false poses, no forced smiles. Just you and me.

I am with you all day, no time limit plus I don't want to miss anything in the evening reception. And if you have my favourite song playing then I will dance I'm afraid.

I limit my bookings to 20 a year to ensure the quality is the best I can give.

One of the main things I truly hope for is you are reading this because you love my work and hope that we can work together on your wedding day. I think most photographers wish for the same thing – a partnership, where together we create those stunning images you can treasure forever.

To be able to be there and capture someone’s perfect day is to me the biggest honour I could imagine. Not for one second do I take for granted the trust that is bestowed and the privilege of being welcomed into peoples lives on the most intimate of days.

Pricing starts at £1000 and if you’d like to chat about us working together or you’d like to see my brochure then please fill in the contact form below and we can get chatting! All quotes are bespoke to the couple. I look forward to hearing from you.


`You were amazing. You made us feel very relaxed and the photos are brilliant! We couldn’t have asked for anything better`

- Tasha and Josh

Some A’s to your Q’s

Are you Insured?

Hell yes! I have public liability and indemnity cover worth up to £5 million.

Do you have back up equipment?

Yup. And back up equipment for my back up equipment. The thought of not having at least 2 professional grade camera bodies and lenses with me on the day makes me queasy.

We want some formal group shots, is this ok?

Of course it is, but these are recommended to be around 10 max as they can be a little time consuming. I'm a quick worker but sometimes when there is a tight time limit it really is best to be picky about that shot list.

Would you photograph weddings abroad?

I will and do! I've been lucky enough to photograph amazing weddings in some truly unbelievable places... For more information on destination weddings please drop me an email or use the contact form above.

How far are you willing to travel?

I'll go wherever I can. I love exploring new places! For all weddings within England travel is included however if there was a need for an overnight stay this would be additional. 

How do you get to the weddings?

Have car. Will travel. Also on the look out for a helicopter too, ya know, just in case.